Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still Life #2 White Pitcher

White Pitcher

The Process:

So, since I decided to go a little larger for the new still life.
I've completed the drawing, transferred it to my canvas
and have completed an initial wash.
I'm still using the little wooden box that I found at an antique store
for my still life setups.  I wanted one that had wood with a warm glow.
I also bought the old book and little oil tin can, but the white pitcher
was an something I already had. The leaf was complements of the oak
outside my door.
Lots more work to do....

Day 3

moving forward.... continuing to build layers of paint
to create depth I focused on the pitcher...
really trying to keep in mind the light source,
the reflected shapes/colors,
and modeling the convex curve of the
pitchers shape as it turns away from the light.

I'm anxious to get that leaf going...
I hear fall calling me!

Day 5

details, details, details

working on the wood grain and more details...


final touches...

I worked on this painting about three weeks...
finished on September 28th...
My favorite part is the little red knot on the
top right corner of the wood box.
I'm ready to move on to the next project...
and ready for the fall...
my favorite time of the year!!!!

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