A few samples and the details about the commission process and cost...

A detail from when the painting was started..


If you want to request something other than a 
portrait, send me an email. 

Portraits in Watercolor
Watercolor portraits start at a base rate which includes
one model and $50 for every additional person in portrait
81/2x11 $150.00
11x17 $200.00
17x24 $400.00

Portraits in Oils
portraits start at a base rate which includes
one model and $50 for every additional person in portrait
11x17 $200.00
17x24 $600.00

Quick Sketch Commission:
An economic alternative for a commission is a small 5x7 quick study
from a photo(s) with no changes after approval of initial sketch.
This commission is a wonderful and affordable option for a one
of a kind, original portrait. A personal option for a great gift.
The full price is required upon request of the commission.
Watercolor: $75.00
Oil : $100.00
Contact me for details.

Final Changes
Final adjustments are standard in commissioned work,
so 3 complimentary adjustments are a part of the total
price however afterwards each additional adjustment
has a fee of $25

For all commissions, a down payment of 25% of the total amount is required to begin the process for initial research, time and materials and is non-refundable.  If painting a portrait, I prefer a personal photo session with the subject and some quick sketches to gain a personal feel of the individual(s) and their personality. I also encourage the use of my photos for the portrait so that the final painting is best designed for the portraits overall success

+f travel is required out of the Central Florida area, travel expenses will be required ahead of time in addition to the cost of the portrait.  However, if it isn't possible for a one on one session with the subject(s), I can work from a high resolution digital image.  In addition, several additional photos are needed for back up references.

Once a photo is chosen, a draft drawing created and is digitally emailed for approval before work begins. Once near completion, a final image is emailed for approval and a final adjustments are made (no more than 3 before additional charges are added). Final payment is required before unframed artwork is mailed if not picked up in person.

For questions and more details contact me via email.