Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birds Nest Still Life: for sale $50.00

Bird's Nest

The Process:

Well I decided to step back from my illustrative style
for a bit to sink my teeth into some still life work.
It was a bit spooky at first so I thought I'd better start
small. So here is the result and the process....
I wasn't really sure what to paint at first.
My ideas were bigger than my courage
when it got right down to it...
I spent a few days playing around with concepts,
but in the end...
I focused on this cute little birds nest one
of my biologist buddies (thanks Graham!)
gave to me. So here's what happened...
rough sketch.

got the basic shapes and values in...

working on the details....

down to the final stretch...

a step back... hum...a little more on the monochrome side of the fence, but it'll do...
a black frame maybe? I think I would have liked a blue egg in there...maybe next time?
That's where she stands right now, folks.

If you are interested in this little birds nest email me at 
Sales via paypal.

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