Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quick Paint: Veiled Lady

This is last nights work... apx 3.5 hrs.
Veiled Lady

I started working on the drawing. 
The background is only white due because I was reusing this panel.
Poor painters have to be thrifty.

Then I started blocking in the color...that's the basic start.


  1. Met you at the salon yesterday evening and shared an assortment of Dove chocolates. It was nice chatting with you! Your work is beautiful! I especially love the Veiled Lady. Her veil is so vibrant.

  2. Hi Kelly, that was a fun day at the salon. Thank you for your kind comment. I've been focused on birds recently, but my cousin has been begging me to do something like this of her. We'll see how that turns out! Nice chatting with you too and hope to see you soon. :-)


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