Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting Out!

So I finally got my paints together and pushed myself out the door to paint today! 

I made it short and sweet. I chose a simple landscape 
and painted for about an hour straight once I got set up. 
Here's my results. Not bad I think for not doing this in a while. 
It can be cumbersome to take some colored goo (aka paint) and 
mush it around and make it look like anything in such a short span. 
So, I'll give myself a gold star for today. It helped that I listened 
to my favorite inspirational station while I painted, Z88.7, so it felt good.  

Although this was a quick painting on a 4x4 panel,
 the sky was constantly changing 
due to storm that moved in while I was on location.
Even the cloud colors changed from a warm grey to
a cool grey. Needless to say I ended in a downpour!

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