Thursday, May 8, 2014

Workshops for growth...

In all things, we must constantly strive to grow.
Art is no different.
Aside from school, local sketch clubs, art schools,
I think that workshops help you grow and learn skills
 from successful artist in the field. Of course cost can
be a factor, but I believe in getting the best bang for my buck.
So I try to focus on workshops given by those I most respect
and also try to attend workshops of local artists I admire as well.
Even better when an artist you love comes for a workshop locally
like Mary Whyte did last year here in Florida.

Here's a few of the workshops I've been fortunate
to have gone to in recent years.

Scott Christensen Workshop in Wyoming...
An amazing trip and experience.

one of the quick plein air paintings done in Wyoming...

Scott Burdick workshop in NC, 
I've been fortunate to take a landscape class
and a portrait class with Scott.

Mary Whyte workshop in North Florida

 one of my studies in the workshop...

I've also taken a workshop with Scott Wadell who held a class locally.

However...this year... a workshop in Ga with
a local favorite artist of mine, Larry Moore.

Moving forward in life and learning is a necessity, less you die, or feel dead!

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