Friday, February 18, 2011

A quick sketch

If you haven't noticed yet, MY SUBJECT INTERESTS ARE DIVERSE!
Regardless, I believe, no, I know, that drawing is at the heart of the matter!
If you don't spend time drawing and studying from life you will never fully evolve
as an artist, no matter your subject. I could be wrong, but I know many who agree.
Even I realize, it's time to start getting back to some life drawing classes!
I've been taking too long of a break! More to come, soon, I hope!

and more sketch for a painting I'm starting....


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the close up on top. What do you have planned for them? I actually love them just in pencil!

  2. Thank you! The top one was just a quick study of an image I have. No specific plans for it other than for training purposes. The bottom one is in rough draft mode on a canvas. You are probably going to see lots of drafts and sketches here... I can't help myself.


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